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Corrib Gun Dogs, Ireland

14/01/17 -
Seven new arrivals at Corrib Gun Dogs! Our Irish Setter bitch "Corrib Bess" gave birth to a beautiful litter of puppies today. This was a repeat mating of a successful litter in 2015 which was sired by Ray O'Dwyers Irish Setter dog "Sheantullagh Griffin". See the pedigree of this litter in our Irish Setter Pups section. These pups will be ready for their new homes around the end of February 2017.

08/12/16 -
FTCh Lurriga Cedar of Corrib aka Carra comes third today at Clodagh Valley Field Trials Association's Open Stake at Curraghmore, Co Waterford. Very happy with Carra's run, however her first retrieve was not so good with her thinking she knew more than me! But her work after that was very clean. Looking forward to the Championship at the end of the month.

Corrib Irish Red Setters

Our Irish Setters are bred for the rough shooter and for the trialling person. Our brood bitches are used for rough shooting on pheasant, snipe and woodcock. Paul also likes to run and train his setters on the mountains on Grouse. Carrying a gun is not that important to him when it comes to the grouse hills, he loves to walk the hills and to watch the Irish setter do what he or she is bred to do and that is to run hard and take on the mountain with the hope of having a find on this beautiful game bird, The Red Grouse. The hills of Clare are great for a young setter to learn how to run and work the wind and to have the experience of heavy terrain with the possibility of a find of a grouse. We have an Irish Red Setter dog at stud which we were lucky enough to add to our kennels. Mr Jim Crotty trained and made up "Maodhog Fionn" into a Field Trial Champion. Jim is an "A" panel judge with the Irish kennel club and is one of Ireland's top Pointer and setter trialling sports men. Jim is a true gentleman and we were delighted when "Sam" became available for us to own at Corrib Gundogs. "Sam" is a big, fast, handsome Red Setter and loves to hunt and retrieve. The line of Setter we have and breed from are fast to learn and past litters have started hunting and setting at a very young age of eight months.